It’s hell without you here.
Not because of your lack of presence.
That I’ve grown used to over the years.
But your shadow’s gone
And I’m not sure I like what the light is showing me.
I’m not sure I like the person I didn’t know I’d become.
You may argue that you couldn’t have brought about such a change.
Perhaps, but your hands are dirty too.
Perhaps I’m at fault as well.
I was never good at saying how I feel.
But honestly, a blind woman could see.
I miss you,
But I miss me more.
They say you never know what you have until it’s gone.
If what you have is worth having.
I’m not sure anymore.
Oh you certainly talked the talk and,
Trusting fool that I was,
I wanted to believe you.
So I made myself do just that.
I never thought I could be so gullible.
I never thought I could be so weak.
I wish I could say I don’t still love you,
But I can’t.
I wish I could say it doesn’t still hurt,
But I can’t.
I wish I could say I’ll be over you one day,
No, no buts.
I will be over you one day.
You didn’t think I was worth the chance.
I don’t believe you’re worth the heartache.
My heart may never fully heal,
But I’d rather have scars than the knife in your hand.