You speak of loyalty as though you actually know what it is.
You shouldn’t speak of things that you know nothing of.
Anyone can come up with a definition.
It’s the easiest thing in the world to just open a book and read…
‘A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.’
‘A feeling of allegiance.’
Your allegiance has never been to me.
It took me making an ass of myself to see it,
But I’ve finally drawn the wool from over my eyes so to speak.
Loyalty is not the blind leading the blind.
Loyalty is not doing what you want because you say so…
Because that’s what it takes to prove your devotion.
I’m sorry but I have a mind of my own and I cherish my free will.
You speak of loyalty.
Now let me speak of it.
I have defended your actions even when those who love me would have buried you.
I have stood between you and the possibility of hurtful rumours,
Because I was the only person I trusted…
Because I knew that I was the one person whose feelings for you couldn’t be swayed.
I have stood up in the face of your own stubbornness,
Because I have always wanted what’s best for you.
I have forced my weary body into action
For no reason other than your wishing to see me.
I have forgiven the unforgivable.
I have accepted the lies that you’ve told without saying a word.
Did you think that I didn’t know?
Did you think that I didn’t see the truth in your eyes?
You weren’t expecting me to be there.
And now you have the audacity to question my loyalty?
How dare you?
I’m not the one who would make a herculean effort for others,
But couldn’t find the willingness to do the same for me.
I am not the one who would take off on a moment’s notice to answer another’s call
When I was supposedly the one they were missing all this time.
I’m not the one who would try to hide their jealousy.
It kills you to know that I was with her?
What do you think it does to me to know you were with them?
I have been more loyal to you than you can even begin to imagine,
And now I grow tired of it…
I’m exhausted from what it takes to keep loving you.
I’m exhausted from what it takes to do what I know you want.
And cannot and will not do it anymore.
If you cannot see who has truly been there for you through their own pain…
If you cannot begin to recognize the gift you are in possession of,
And make it effort to show your gratitude,
Then maybe you are not deserving of it after all.