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In The Shadows

Chapter 1 Eden Malone knocked back her fourth scotch of the day, savouring the smoky flavour. It was barely noon, but so what? She was a woman who could hold her liquor, and she’d held it in many different shapes, forms, and...

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Finding Normal (adults only)

Am I attracted to her? I suppose I must be, on some level. I wouldn’t even consider sleeping with her if I wasn’t. That’s the first time I’ve allowed myself to admit it. That’s the first time I’ve allowed myself to admit I’m...

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Red Riding Cop

Red Velour was sitting impatiently in Chief Shufflebottom’s office, wondering what sort of trouble she could have possibly gotten herself into now. Well there was that little incident with the Mayor’s daughter but, in her...

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The Story Of Us

This is my story. It is a simple story really. It is the story of how I one day met and fell in love with the girl of my dreams. I was 21 at the time, you know…the age when you think that you’re all grown up and invincible....

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Meet The Muses

Ok folks, we’re here at the home of celebrated author R.D. Wylder. Well, she isn’t exactly celebrated or anything, but no one else would actually agree to this so we didn’t really have a choice. Anyway, have you ever wondered...

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Let Love Endure (Part 2)

Please note that Part 1 of this story has been published and therefore does not appear on this site. She could hear the noises in the background, but they were neither strong enough nor important enough to invade her thoughts....

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Kindred Killers

“Hey! I paid good money for that dance.” His voice was indignant. Clearly he wasn’t a man who was used to not getting his way. We see a few of those in here from time to time; the men, and women, who think the power they...

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Just One Night

She stands there…alone. In a way it’s almost poetic, seeing as how she usually feels a little bit alone anyway. It is raining outside…pouring really…and she remembers something her literature professor once said about atmosphere...

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Past… …then she took my hands into hers, and she came to me. I cradled her so close that I could feel her heart beating and my senses came alive with the scent of her skin. It was a scent that she always wore…one that she...

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You Ask, I Answer

It is just after dusk. Somehow it is a fitting time for her. There is just enough light that I can make out her silhouette. I know that this will not be the last time I am here, in this spot, watching her…just as I am watching...

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Feeding Time

The house was like any other in the neighborhood…one of those ultra-modern affairs that speak of both comfort and wealth. Apart from her distinctive little touches, there was little to distinguish it from the two which bordered...

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Dearest Diary

January 19th I’m too old for this, but what the hell? It’s not like anything else I’ve tried has worked any better, or has been less crazy. I’ve decided to keep a diary, although calling it a journal might make things look a...

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