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You scare me. I wouldn’t say I have an adventurous spirit. I wouldn’t call myself a coward either. I could be convinced to do a great many things On a dare. But you… Quiet, unassuming you… You scare me. You make me feel things I don’t want to, But I can’t make myself stop. You make me think things I don’t want to, But I can’t read your intentions. I can’t tell if you’re thinking them too. I don’t want to be in this place… In this place of not knowing. I don’t want to take a chance on being wrong, On being the cause of the awkwardness between us, Or even worse… What if I’m right? What then? I can’t pretend to be a good choice. I can’t pretend that I’m adept at the ways of love. I am not. I am not eager to meet your friends or able to be a part of your world. I am set in my ways and unwilling to change. I am cold one minute and easy to disappoint the other. I am a babbling fool who can only express their feelings Through words on a page. I am, in short, the opposite of a good choice. And that’s why you scare me. Because, in spite of knowing all that… In spite of knowing that I’m meant to be alone… You...

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In The Shadows (ebook)

What do you do when your beliefs are tested? Will you emerge unscathed, or will your soul be lost? Eden Malone thought she knew everything there was to know about the supernatural. She was a writer after all. Soon she will learn that one should never underestimate their...

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My eyes betray me. My hands have learned not to touch you. My face has learned not to show any reaction to your presence. My heart has learned not to flutter when you walk through the door. But my eyes… My traitorous eyes… They expose all that I have fought to keep hidden. My eyes deceive me. Life has not been a kind mistress. Life has left me cynical and afraid. Life has taught its lesson of not getting what you want the most. But my eyes… My deceitful eyes… They trick me into believing you could want me too. My eyes torment me. I try my best not to look at you. I try my best to pretend you mean nothing to me. I try my best to act as though you do not excite my senses. But my eyes… My cruel eyes… They cannot help but follow every curve of your body. If only my hands could follow the trail made by my eyes. If only my lips could follow the trail made by trembling fingers. If only passion could be ignited by a simple look. But your eyes… Your indifferent eyes… Look upon me with no hint of desire. I am bereft… Alone… Imprisoned by the light in your...

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In The Shadows

Chapter 1 Eden Malone knocked back her fourth scotch of the day, savouring the smoky flavour. It was barely noon, but so what? She was a woman who could hold her liquor, and she’d held it in many different shapes, forms, and sizes over the years. It wasn’t as though she had the slightest buzz going anyway. That was a privilege typically reserved for mid to late afternoon, but not today. The comforting burn down the back of her throat was like a lover’s caress, but she’d seen enough lives destroyed by one too many stupid decisions. She didn’t particularly care for endangering others or, more importantly, herself. Besides, she wanted to enjoy this afternoon’s drive and she’d already decided the only way she could do it was with a clear head. If asked, she would probably say that her attempt at sobriety was damn near heroic. Unfortunately, heroics aside, it didn’t seem to be a cure for the melancholy that was presently afflicting her. She capped the decanter and restored it to its rightful place in her amply stocked bar. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it but for some reason the apartment that had become her sanctuary over the years seemed to be closing in on her. It could be her recent reintroduction to fresh air and wide open spaces, or it could just as easily...

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Never Enough

You think I don’t understand, But I do. You think I’m still in the dark, But I’ve already seen the light. I have seen myself through your eyes, And I know who you think I am. I am your safe place. I am your home away from home, When life gets in the way of living. I can make you smile when all you want to do is hide. I can make you laugh when all you want to do is cry. I can make you happy when all you want to do is stop feeling. I can make all these things happen for you, But I can’t make you see me For who I really am. Is it that unheard of? Falling for someone like me? I’ll never fit in with your circle of friends, But I’ll never make you feel like a stranger when you get home. I’ll never call just to hear the sound of your voice, But I’ll never make you feel like I don’t care. I’ll never make grand gestures in front of others, But I’ll never betray your confidence. Still, I’m never enough. So we’ll do the little dance that we always do. We’ll do the dance that I’ve done so many times before. I’ll be there for you when no one else is, Until someone else is, And I’ll be forgotten again...

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